What We Do?

*Job Fair:

*Career Fest: RUCC have been completed 5 successful “Career Fest” e.g. ‘BD Jobs.com-RUCC Career Fest’ in year 2014-18.

*Careern Carnival: RUCC accustomed to arrange Career Carnival for the fresh graduates e.g. “Robi Career Carnival 2015” , Robi Career Carnival 2017

*Recruitment Camp: If conduct recruitment in two different way such as 1) Member Recruitment which has two take-in part, and 2) Graduates’ Recruitment which is conducted by different companies.

*Freshers’ Reception: While entering the new batch in the university RUCC is the first organization who has been cordially receive the fresher in Rajshahi University. Till we have been completed 6 successful Freshers’ Reception.

*Intra-RUCC: RUCC is always concerned about the development of their members potential for what they arrange Intra-RUCC for the internal members.

*Socials: As RUCC is career oriented club there is no to think like that it only deal with the corporate culture. Moreover, RUCC perfectly celebrate all the socials including national occasions and others as well.

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